Zenart Cooperativa Artistica

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Artistic Cooperative Society

ZenArt was created to meet the needs of all workers in the entertainment sector who need to be in compliance with tax and contribution regulations and INPS fulfillments former ENPALS management.

ZenArt relieves the artist of all bureaucratic duties, allowing him or her to devote himself or herself fully to the more purely professional aspect. An innovative computer system makes it possible to operate efficiently and easily: time-consuming practices are resolved with a few clicks of the mouse.

Through its web portal ZenArt allows the artist member to independently obtain the Enpals certificate of agility, streamlining the bureaucracy that has always been unfriendly to the artistic spirit.

The great innovation of the ZenArt Cooperative is manifested precisely in the simplicity through which the member obtains compliance for both the prematurely scheduled event and the last-minute job.