To enjoy all the services of Zenart Artistic Cooperative, the interested party will have to pay 15 euros per month plus a 25 euro membership fee. The cooperative will have a gross operating margin of 10 percent of the taxable turnover. If the artist is already enrolled in Zenart Academy, he or she will pay 10 euros per month instead of 15 euros.

It is not necessary to be a VAT number holder to register for Zenart.

The 15 euro monthly payment is a fixed fee that will be paid monthly regardless of the number of evenings held.

No, it will be the client who pays Zenart and once the fee is received it will be sent net of taxation.

It is not possible to register as a group but only as an individual artist.

Payment to the artist is normally made within 5 working days after receipt of invoice payment.

No, if you are not enrolled an Enpals matriculation will be created when you first enter a work service.


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